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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Thanks to the advocacy efforts of The Arc in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan officially declared March to be Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in 1987. For nearly a quarter of a century, The Arc and its network of 700+ chapters across the country have fostered respect and access for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (i/DD). We have made tremendous progress in promoting and protecting the rights of people with I/DD and creating opportunities for them to live, learn and work as valued members of their communities.

However, it’s time more people became aware of the challenges faced by more than 7 million Americans and their families as they strive to be fully included in society. Join us during March to help raise awareness. Volunteer at a local chapter of The Arc. Donate. Or simply speak up and help enlighten those around you. Find out more about I/DD and what you can do at today. Watch our blog, Facebook page and Twitter profile for messages all month about things you can do as an individual to help raise awareness then spread the word…share and retweet and let’s get everyone talking about I/DD during March.

Locally, watch the newspapers for information and listen to our upbeat announcements on the Bold Gold Radio stations. The Pennsylvania Governor yearly proclaims Intellectual Disabilities Awareness Month.

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